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+ Mã sản phẩm: Dao phay khoa mat

+ Xuất xứ : Czech Republic

+ Hãng sản xuất : PRAMET

The assortment of face milling cutters consists of the tools for plain milling (κr 45° to 75°). You can find here versions for productive and general milling. The assortment is completed with the offer of milling cutter for heavy rough milling (κr 57° and 60°). There are face milling cutters available from Ø 20 mm to Ø 315 mm in the offer according to the type and size of the indexable cutting insert. Shoulder and copy milling cutters (especially high-feed milling cutters) can also be used in this field.

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One of the most productive face milling cutters are the tools with the HNGX 09 indexable cutting inserts, which have 12 cutting edges. They are offered in 2 sizes (HNGX06 and HNGX09) and 3 geometries, therefore they can be used for roughing to finishing.

The HNEF and HNMF indexable cutting inserts with 12 cutting edges for milling of cast iron have been placed into the offer of face milling cutters. There are 2 lines of milling cutters with a high and very high number of teeth, which ensures a high productivity of the tools.

Currently, new tools for light operations and for machining of corrosion-resistant steels, difficult-to-machine materials (DTMM) and soft low-carbon steels have been placed into the offer. These are the tools of the MULTISIDE family and also milling cutters for SEET09 and SEMT09 inserts.

The Penta HD milling cutters complete the offer of heavy roughing. They represent an economical version for depths of 5 to 10 mm and compete with their performance with tangential milling cutters.

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